Company Questions

The Justin Charles brand was created by- and is still licensed from- Matt McPherson, founder of the renowned Mathews Company the world’s leading producer of archery equipment. Justin Charles is the name of Matt’s middle son. The Mathews Company- and the McPherson family- reside in Sparta, Wisconsin. You can read more about Mathews here.
Cimarron Valley Outfitters currently holds exclusive distribution rights for Justin Charles products.
Above all, we want you to be comfortable and satisfied with your product. If you’d like to return or exchange- you have 14 days to do so. Please note we do not accept returns for open underwear except in cases of manufacturer defect. For full details, please review our return policy here.
Justin Charles products are made from Superfine Merino Wool approximately 17 microns in diameter. This makes it among the softest fabrics on the planet. Additionally, our flat-seam technology and patented manufacturing process make our base layer gear one-of-a-kind.
All of our Merino Wool products are manufactured in the Shanghai province in mainland China from locally owned farms on New Zealand’s South Island.

All of our outerwear is manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia from Merino Wool sourced from locally owned farms on New Zealand’s South Island- other fabric components (polyester, leather, cotton, etc.) are responsibly and sustainably sourced.

Our leather luggage is assembled in the United States from Swiss leather tanned under the Dominican sun.

Wool Questions

Merino wool is made of the finest grades of wool from the Merino sheep. It is prized for being very soft and comfortable against the skin. Modern technology has made it possible to sort and select only the finest merino fibers. Merino wool has a microscopic diameter - about 1/3 to 1/10 the thickness of a human hair. The smaller the diameter, the finer, softer and less scratchy the fabric will be.
Thousands of years of evolution and selective breeding have resulted in merino sheep capable of producing a super-fine wool fiber. Merino wool products of the fine and superfine grades of wool are much finer and superior than traditional wool, making it smooth against the skin and more comfortable to wear. With many more fibers contained in the fabric, it traps more tiny air pockets and locks in body heat, making it a super insulator.

Merino wool is highly breathable because the individual fibers can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture, wicking moisture away from the body so the wearer stays dry and comfortable regardless of the temperature. This helps to regulate the body temperature, keeping you warm in cold weather and cool in hot.

Merino wool warms naturally. The unique qualities of soft merino wool make it the best material for children's undergarments. A moving and sweat-prone child will feel comfortable in merino wool the wool breathes freely and will not feel cold and sweaty even when damp. Thanks to its warmth, merino wool is also perfect for a child playing quietly. Merino wool, being the softest of all wool types, is often also suitable for allergic skin as it generally does not cause allergic reactions.

The extremely fine, soft and crimped nature of merino wool fibers allow for a strong natural elasticity that enhances its high-performance qualities. The natural anti-microbial properties of Merino wool make it odor-resistant - another big advantage over synthetic fabrics. It is also extremely durable, anti-static and fire resistant, making it ideal for a range of products from performance wear to fine wool suiting.
Scientific tests carried out by the Hohenstein Institute in Germany, the Ergonomics Unit at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales, and the CSIRO in Australia support anecdotal evidence that Superfine Merino provides the wearer with superior overall climate control and moisture absorption than synthetics. Studies have also confirmed that merino offers higher natural UV protection than many other fibers including cotton.
Well-known for its warmth, it is less well known that the same properties make Merino wool the ideal fabric for hot weather. The Bedouin tribes of the Sinai, where temperatures reach extreme highs, have been wrapping themselves in wool for centuries. The merino wool works as a condition buffer; in the heat cooling the body initially through managing the build up of moisture vapor internally, keeping the wearer drier for longer. Then, by not clinging to the skin even when wet, the fabric allows the skin to still do its job through sweating and cooling the body.
Whilst these fibers may be good in hot weather, none of them are capable of managing moisture in the way merino does, nor will they regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm when it's cold, cool when it's hot. They would not keep you warm once they get wet. Also, the nature of these fabrics is not "elastic", so a close-fitting base-layer in these fabrics will not move with your body, restricting movement. Finally, their manufacturing processes are more complex than that for merino, resulting in the use of more energy.
We currently have limited sizes and quantities of our mid-weight and expedition (our heaviest) weight wool products. We are actively working to find a U.S. based supplier that can deliver the high quality products you’ve come to expect from the Justin Charles brand. You can register your interest here and we’ll let you know if and when these products become available.
We’ve found our products fit true to size. If you are a Medium with other brands, you will likely find yourself comfortable in the same size at Justin Charles. For further reference, please review our size chart.